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Cell Reverse Searcher
Amy A.
Austin, Texas
"My daughter is only 16 and hasn't been home from school in 2 days. She called  this morning from an unknown number. I used your website to find out the cell phone number's owner name and address. It turns out she stayed at an older guys house that she met on myspace. The background check you also provided me let me know this young man's age and criminal history which included assault and drug posession! So I called the police to bring  my daughter home. She had been drinking and smoking marijuana at this man's house and now this guy is going to jail. I am going to get my daughter the help that she needs and I am thankful for Cell Reverse Search. God knows how long this could have gone on if I wasn't able to get his cell phone number traced."

Cell Reverse Searcher
James R.

Minneapolis, Minnesota
"I found a roofing contractor from craigslist about my home. He seemed like a decent guy with reasonable labor fees. Just for good measures I thought it would be a good idea to do a background check on this guy. I could not find any information him searching his name but was able to do a cell phone number reverse search and found out that this guy had given me a fake name and has served time for felony fraud. The good news is I used the Minnesota Roofing Directory to find a reputable and reliable roofing contractor."
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